Thursday, 24 June 2010

ZOMG First Post?!

Sæl og blessuð, loyal readers! As many of you who know me in person have heard, I every now and then get the urge to start a blog. I quickly get bogged down by the details, such as how to name it, how to design it, what platform, etc, rather quickly. My impending trip to Iceland, however, demands that I have a way to update you all on what I hope are the cool experiences I am going to have (and also the language blunders I am bound to make!).

I have to thank one of my twitter followers (jimorissey) for the title. It's a reference to similarly named Icelandic Sagas, such as Njáls Saga and Gísla saga Súrsonnar, although I don't presume that my blog is of similar literary importance. It will hopefully, however, be a bit more accessible. In addition to the blog, you can follow me on Twitter for less insightful but more requent updates. I will also be sharing photos via Picasa, thanks to my lovely partner Jim's sweet digital SLR that he is letting me take.

And I end this post with my daily countdown:

Ég fer til Íslands eftir eina viku og þrjá daga! "I go to Iceland in 1 week and 3 days!"

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